Top Reasons to Switch to a Heat Pump in Everett

heat pump everettIf you’ve heard of a heat pump but aren’t quite sure how it works or why you would want one, find answers to your questions here. A typical one uses the air outside your home to help regulate the temperature inside. It harnesses the existing thermal energy in the air and directs it back into your house or releases it outside to warm or cool your house. Many homeowners appreciate making the switch for these reasons.

Lower Your Utility Bills

When you make the switch from a heating system based on combustion, you’ll see your utility bills go down because you’ll be generating heat with greater efficiency. Since less energy is required, you’ll use less and spend less.

Greater Convenience in Home Comfort

Get all your heating and cooling needs fulfilled by a single unit. The technology used in this appliance can not only provide warmth for your home during the winter but also cool your house during the summer. You’ll eliminate the need for a separate cooling system or even window AC units.

Custom Comfort by Room

This kind of heating and cooling system can be designed to offer you custom temperature control by room. You get greater control over your comfort level and also your energy costs. Keep the temperatures warmer in the rooms you use regularly during the winter, and save money by allowing guest rooms or unused areas to be cooler. 

Ready to Learn More About Heat Pump Benefits for Everett Homes?

Are you interested in learning more about whether a heat pump makes sense for your needs? The pros at Thomas Mechanical LLC are here to help. We’ve offered superior HVAC maintenance and repair, whether you need heating services or cooling services, gas pipe installations or air filtration system services. Our highly-trained technicians provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on these and other services with a specialization in Trane products, so contact us today.

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