How Do You Know You Need Furnace Replacement in Arlington?

furnace replacement arlington

As winter weather arrives, it’s wise to make sure your furnace is in good shape to meet your household heating needs. Even if you notice it’s responsive to thermostat settings, there are three important times you’ll want to call a pro for expert furnace replacement. 

It’s Not Keeping Your House Warm Enough

It seems pretty straightforward, but if you’re in and out of your house all day, you may not realize that your furnace isn’t keeping up with the temperature settings you want. When your house is persistently colder than you want despite adjusting the thermostat, it’s worth considering whether it’s time for a new furnace. 

You’ve Had Pests In Your Home

Small animals like rodents do a lot of damage inside your house, and that can include chewing on wires and building nests in places like your furnace. If you’ve recently had a problem with mice or similar animals, you may need a new furnace. 

The Furnace is Old

A typical furnace lasts about 20 years, so if yours is older than that, it probably needs to be replaced. Not only do mechanical parts wear out, but advancement in home energy systems also means the furnace you installed decades ago isn’t as efficient as today’s models, and that’s probably costing you money in home heating bills.

Do You Need Furnace Replacement at Your Arlington Home?

At Thomas Mechanical LLC, we are here to help with all your furnace replacement needs. Our customers have enjoyed superior HVAC services for years, from heating services or cooling services, to gas pipe installations and air filtration system services. Our highly-trained technicians provide expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care on these and other services with a specialization in Trane products, so contact us today.

Be Ready for Winter with Dependable Furnace Replacement in Arlington

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